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Write the Vision Workshop

December 30, 2013


I’ve been in Atlanta, Georgia for almost six months and will let no grass grow under my feet about making my dreams come true. On my dream board that was written back in 2009, I stated that I would host seminars, conferences, and workshops! I can cross that off the list because I have now […]

Working While We Wait

December 2, 2013


There are some things I’ve been praying about and I realize that if I desire those things I have to spend more time with God to prepare me for them and get to work so He can bless what I’m asking Him to make a success. I love the fact that when we take one […]

The Timing of God

November 14, 2013


For several years I’ve been told by many that I should write a book. It was certainly a dream of mine but my life seemed too busy to make that happen. Then the growing number of Facebook friends sending private messages for me to consider putting my journey of life on paper made me think […]

How Do You Eat An Elephant?

October 23, 2013


Hey Family! I hope your day was as fabulous as you are! My phone’s storage is full so it keeps reminding me that there will be no app updates and pictures taken until I delete some of the information or pay for more storage. I find this funny because my mind sends a similar message […]

Show Up

October 21, 2013


Hey Family! Hope your day was as fabulous as you are! Today, I went to a casting call for a pilot of a new show being filmed in ATL. Got there early and was prepared along with a whole lot of other extras looking for a big break! I don’t know if they’ll call me […]

Enjoy This Moment

October 20, 2013


Happy Sunday, Enjoy this day by living in the moment. Don’t regret yesterday or fret about tomorrow. When we totally live in the moment we appreciate life as it is and become grateful that even though our life isn’t perfect we serve a perfect God that works all things out for our good. Psalms 118:24 […]


October 19, 2013


Happy Saturday, God longs to be our hero and fix what’s broken in our life but until we surrender control He’s a gentleman and waits for us to invite Him to help. It’s okay to not have it all together, it’s okay to be hurt, it’s okay to be confused, and it’s okay to admit […]