Write the Vision Workshop

Posted on December 30, 2013


I’ve been in Atlanta, Georgia for almost six months and will let no grass grow under my feet about making my dreams come true. On my dream board that was written back in 2009, I stated that I would host seminars, conferences, and workshops! I can cross that off the list because I have now done all three! Yesterday, I held a sold out workshop that consisted of 25 women (quality over quantity ) and it allowed them to dream big and tear out pictures from magazines of things that they want to manifest in their life and post to their very own vision board. This vision board is what they are asking God to bless them with in the upcoming year. What an awesome feeling to speak and motivate each woman there to dare to dream! Before the New Year I encourage you all to get alone with your imagination and dream knowing that God wants to bless us beyond measure. I’m making my dream of inspiring women to live their best life come true (by faith and grace) and there is nothing greater than being able to help other’s stir up what God has put deep inside so that they can live their dream life too! No matter what we’ve been through it’s never too late to change the outcome. Dream Big, work hard, and live your best life!

Peace & Blessings,