Working While We Wait

Posted on December 2, 2013


There are some things I’ve been praying about and I realize that if I desire those things I have to spend more time with God to prepare me for them and get to work so He can bless what I’m asking Him to make a success. I love the fact that when we take one step towards our goal, God takes two! For all of you reading this who thinks God has forgotten about you I encourage you to just take small steps to do or be what’s in your heart. God doesn’t always part the clouds and say a word but He will send a representative to let us know He’s there, working behind the scenes. This person or thing will be just enough to inspire you to keep going. Trust the process and while you wait on God to promote, stay busy preparing for what you’ve prayed for. Make it a choice to have a great day!

Kanika Starr Reynolds


Posted in: Inspirational