The Timing of God

Posted on November 14, 2013


For several years I’ve been told by many that I should write a book. It was certainly a dream of mine but my life seemed too busy to make that happen. Then the growing number of Facebook friends sending private messages for me to consider putting my journey of life on paper made me think about it all the more. I grow frustrated knowing this message wasn’t just from people but also something God wanted as well, and I felt disobedient for not doing what I knew I had to do. He kept sending confirmation. So I began writing only to soon quit, there was struggle of ideas and writers block. After taking care of the house I would become tired and say the famous words we all say to make us feel better when we don’t do what we should have, “I’ll do it tomorrow”.
Fast forward to today, I’m a quarter of the way done and my mind keeps finding more to share. What took years for me to get going is on track to be done in a month. Old entry journals that line up with chapters is being positioned in their perfect places like a puzzle. I realized that it wasn’t time for me years ago to write this book because there was still so much to learn before it could be shared. God was still writing my book! Here I am, and like a river the book is flowing and I can’t wait to share it with you. I’m learning that some seeds are planted years before so we can water them with life’s lessons and so they can grow and bloom in God’s timing!

Peace And Blessings,


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