How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Posted on October 23, 2013


Hey Family!

I hope your day was as fabulous as you are! My phone’s storage is full so it keeps reminding me that there will be no app updates and pictures taken until I delete some of the information or pay for more storage. I find this funny because my mind sends a similar message every time I try to start a new project without finishing an old one. Sometimes, we’re just too full of ideas that have not been released and implemented. This can give us the feeling of being stuck or maybe even failure if we don’t start small and finish what was started. If it’s difficult to go forward go back to the drawing board, maybe the goals are too big and there needs to be the feeling of accomplishment by completing a small goal. A wise woman once asked me a question. ” Kanika, how do you eat an elephant”? I looked at her with a perplexed face confused by the question. Then she answered, ” one bite at a time”. That day forever changed the way I looked at anything that appeared too big for me! Our dreams can come true if we consistently work on them a little at a time. Today, I saw first hand how completing small goals gives fulfillment. I wrote down what was important for the day, did it, crossed off everything on the list, and is prepared with an agenda for tomorrow! It’s important to write down the five most important priorities for the next day the night before, then we can rest well knowing what needs to be done tomorrow. Our thoughts won’t be all over the place and we can get a fresh start once rested. Don’t forget to schedule time with family because that’s the most important thing we can do by making the people we love a priority. Our main focus is to remain focused. I believe some dreams are on hold because we have yet to manage our time wisely and we have to stay committed to what we start. Just like our phones that work slow because it’s too much downloaded we have to delete those things that keep us from moving forward. If you’re anything like me you’re looking for solutions to keep calm and not be overwhelmed by your dreams. Here’s a great quote I recently heard. “Dream Big, Start Small, Begin Now.” I’ll add to it…Finish Strong!

Peace and Blessings Family, make it a choice to have a great night!


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